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White Owl Resilience Retreats


Event Start Date: 12/08/2021
Event End Date: 30/08/2021

White Owl Resilience Retreats

This Summer, White Owl are offering three live workshops in partnership with Shuttleworth.

Each workshop has a different focus but all are designed to offer you tools, experiences and insights to help you nurture your resilience and live your best life. The workshops are open to everyone who feels they could use some inspiration, guidance and proven techniques to take their life to the next level.

All workshops also include a mindful practice allowing us to appreciate and explore nature within the magical gardens of Shuttleworth, a joyful and empowering body movement practice, nurturing guided visualisations as well as fun demonstrations of how to make nutritious food and delicious healthy snacks. You can take just one workshop or sign up for all three.

Who are White Owl? For more information visit:

12 August 2021 - Resilience Retreat One: Nourish Your Body
Stress, anxiety, unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle all take their toll on the body. Give yourself the gift of a whole day discovering what your body really needs to feel feeling calm, healthy, nourished and resilient.

22 August 2021 - Resilience Retreat Two: Nurture your relationships
Close relationships with family, friends and colleagues not only make for a fulfilling life but also have health benefits increasing our resilience and longevity. But sometimes we find our relationships seem to bring us sadness, distress and resentment, even with those people we love the most. Give yourself the gift of a whole day to deepen your connection with family, friends and yourself. Learn how to transform relationships (past and present) that are stopping you from feeling nurtured, connected and safe.

30 August 2021 - Resilience Retreat Three:  Rediscover your purpose
Many of us are so busy living our lives that we sometimes lose our way and forget what is really important to us. Whether it has just been months or decades since you thought about your purpose, your life goals and what makes your heart sing, join us for a whole day to get back in touch with yourself and the small voice inside you that knows what a successful life means to you and knows what you really want to be doing with your life, how you want to be living your best life.

Registration for all workshops will begin at 9.30 am for a 10.00 am start and we will close the day at 6 pm. Our lunch time will be a working lunch where you will enjoy your food in the beautiful surroundings of Shuttleworth House.

What to bring
We advise wearing comfortable clothes and footwear as we will be doing some dancing and movement. If you have a Yogamat then please also bring this. Please also bring a floaty scarf and your favourite notebook.

£80 per person per workshop
Refreshments and Lunch Included. 

Terms and conditions apply.


Shuttleworth has COVID-19 measures in place to keep our visitors and staff as safe as possible – please read before visiting




Item Price Quantity
White Owl Resilience Retreats £80.00